Melt Away The Fat With A Winter Weight Workout!


The winter hibernation is coming to an end and that means shedding not only the warmer clothes but the extra body fat you have put on and hidden beneath those comfort clothes. Flex Fitness personal trainers are ready to help you achieve all your fitness goals and beyond. We are now offering a four week Winter Weight Workout program that will push you and guarantee amazing results.

This program includes the following:

  • four 1-hour personal training sessions (schedule individually with our world class trainers)

  • eight 1/2-hour group classes (Saturday and Sundays at 2pm, other times will be added)

  • detailed meal plan (from registered dietician Susan Watson) with recipes, grocery list, nutritional information of each meal and PDF copies

  • fitness measurements done at the beginning and the end of the program

  • cost: $330.00 plus GST ($475 plus GST value)

Start getting ready for the summer months today and watch the winter weight melt away!

*Only 30 spots available*