Nutrition Coaching with Susan Watson, Registered Dietician

Nutrition Coaching with Susan Watson, Registered Dietician


As a registered dietitian, Susan helps her clients understand the behavioural aspects to healthy eating, and gives them practical solutions to move past their nutrition barriers. She educates on the basic principals to meal planning, portion control, calorie budgeting and physical activity, as she puts it all together in a personalized nutrition care plan for her clients.

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Prior to becoming a registered dietitian, Susan Watson (Registered Dietician) was a certified fitness instructor for 10 years. Susan then completed her undergrad in Human Nutritional Science at the University of Manitoba and her dietetic internship with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. Currently she is now combining her fitness skills with her nutrition knowledge and offering comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle coaching.
Susan’s main nutrition focus is around healthy weight loss and weight management. Susan herself has struggled with the emotional and physical aspects of what it takes to maintain a healthy weight, and has healthfully managed two diabetic pregnancies.

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