Finding Balance In Life!


We are forever searching for that one thing in life to give us health and happiness, but the reality is that there are several factors that go into the equation. In the list below you will find some of the tools that you can use to find the balance in your life which will equate into health and happiness. Flex Fitness personal trainer, Alistair Hopper, describes what he has found over the years of working with clients that help achieve their health goals. Health is not just physical, it is emotional, spiritual, mental and social. If we can find a good and consistent balance between these domains then our life will reflect that in many positive ways.

1- Finding a creative outlet in life, whether it be drawing, poetry, music or knitting. When you can let your creative mind take over and do something that you get satisfaction from, you will feel complete and energized.

2- Exercising on a regular basis will help your physical body but it will also help your stress levels. Therefore improving your sleep and helping you be more productive in your daily routine.

3- Get adventurous and creative with the food choices that you make. This will open you to a world that can be fun and very healthy. Most people think healthy eating as very boring foods. It doesn’t have to be if you put some effort into finding foods you have never tried before.

Contact us today for more great tips to help you find the balance in your life because it is very individual and specific to your needs.