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Alistair Hopper

I first started out working in gyms while I was finishing my university degree. I landed my first personal training job in January of 2004.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to work with clients of all fitness levels and backgrounds including; young adults, fitness competitors, people with special needs, the elderly and young professionals.

Owning and operating my own gym combines my love of people and my love of staying active. I play squash, basketball and football in the summer, and I snowboard and cross-country ski in the winter.

Some of the best times of my life have been spent coaching amateur football. There is no greater joy than working with all kinds of athletes, young and old, and helping them achieve their goals.

All of these people have proven to me that a combination of weight resistance training and cardiovascular activities, with proper diet, will help all of us live a long healthy life.


Specialized Training:

Advanced resistance training, Scientific principles of sports injuries, Adapted physical activity, Sport psychology, Human Anatomy, Applied Anatomy, Human Physiology


Education & Certificates:

Bachelor of Kinesiology and Applied Health, University of Winnipeg - C.S.C.S. (certified strength and conditioning specialist), NSCS - CPT(certified personal trainer), Manitoba Fitness Council

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