Jessi's Journey Blog #8

I love watching my body transform before my eyes, and knowing I have the power to look the way I want, be whoever I want to be
— Jessi Montgomery

Welcome to the eighth blog entry for Jessi’s Journey towards her figure competition on May 25th, 2019.

Her resistance training remains the same as she continues to focus on hypertrophy training, but she is now incorporating a lot of band exercises. This will help to create more mind muscle connection because you need to be able to flex each muscle individually on stage.

Jessi has changed her cardiovascular training to burn a few more calories because of her increased diet.

As of March 10th her cardiovascular training is as follows:

  • Cardio is 40 mins steady state 4x a week

  • HIIT 40 mins 2x/week

The steady state and HIIT cardio sessions are done fasted, first thing in the morning to burn up stored fat.

Jessi’s diet has changed recently because she wasn’t seeing the results she wanted in regards to fat loss. She continues to do her carbohydrate cycling but has made some changes to that as well. Her fats and proteins remain the same but the changes to her carbohydrates are as follows.

  • 5x / week 50g carbs - pre workout meal 45g oats for carbs and post workout 150g white rice

  • 1x a week refeed with same food, but extra burger and fries post workout 

  • 1x a week 100g carbs, pre workout oats at 65g, post workout rice at 200g white rice and extra "snack" (this is after leg day) - this day comes after the refeed 

  • Fats and protein the same at 145g protein/80g fat and 4 litres of water per day

If you haven’t found a posing coach by now or haven’t been practicing your poses daily then it is very important to get that started right away. Once Jessi enters the last few weeks of training, her memory will be less sharp. Therefore we want her poses to be practiced so much that it is in her muscle memory and has become second nature. How Jessi presents all her hard work is a huge component of this whole process.

Be sure to ask Jessi questions at any time during this journey. You can contact her through her profile or by calling Flex Fitness 24/7.

For more information to have Jessi design an online program for you or to book one-on-one personal training with Jessi, then click on the link. Also, checkout Jessi’s very inspiring trainer profile here and learn more about the motivation behind her goals.

Let’s get excited and cheer Jessi on to winning first place!

Watch Jessi’s video here and join her on this amazing transformational journey!!