Ryan Stewart

I empower individuals with the education and tools necessary to attain a healthy lifestyle within a safe, inspiring, and professional environment.

I’ve helped thousands of clients over the years of all ages and athletic abilities. Through theoretical and practical knowledge of functional fitness, I have changed my approach to training to meet the need and demand. My extensive background in competitive sports has been nurtured through coaching and training young and mature athletes alike to achieve their athletic goals. I’ve gained extensive experience in physical rehab and exercise modification through physiotherapy partnerships.

Helping clients achieve their goals doesn’t end when they leave the gym. Through fitness, education, inspiration, and constant guidance, clients are given the tools they need to live in a healthier way.



Education & Certificates:

Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (University of Manitoba), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (N.S.C.A.), Professional Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant (University of Manitoba), Certified Fitness Appraiser (M.F.C.), Functional Movement Screen Level 1 (Functional Movement Systems).