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I have worked out with Alistair Hopper for 10 years and Flex Fitness provides a fitness experience that is second to none.
— Mat G.

Whether it is in our gym or in your home, let Flex Fitness help you meet your fitness goals.

Flex Fitness is no longer the “New Kid on the Block”, now celebrating 6 years of professional and highly qualified personal training in Winnipeg.  Alistair Hopper, proprietor and lead trainer, studied Kinesiology at the University of Winnipeg.  In addition to his B.A. he has over 18 years of practical experience gained as the owner-operator/trainer of two local gyms. During this time he was able to establish himself and build a reputation as a dedicated training professional.

When you are working with a fully certified and experienced trainer on a regular basis you will learn proper technique for various strength and core exercises. You will also benefit from the ideal cardiovascular routine for your specific needs. A trainer will be able to adapt exercises
depending on your experience level, any injuries (past or present),sport specific movements and to your specific long/short term goals.

By having that set appointment with a trainer, you are committed to the workout and are less likely to miss. Being active and fit is just like any other goal you may set in your professional or personal life. It takes commitment, consistency and hard work. A trainer will make you accountable and push you past your comfort levels while keeping you in safe parameters as to prevent injury.


Many people also need help with their food plan and a trainer can help you focus on building good eating habits. Again, there needs to be commitment, consistency and hard work when working towards your food goals.  Just like your exercise goals.  The trainer will also hold you accountable by asking you on a daily to weekly basis how you are doing with your new food plan.  You may need more specific and tailored food plans, and a trainer will help you find a qualified dietician.

Remember any time you meet with a trainer, ask the questions you feel are important to your specific needs. This will ensure you achieve all of your health goals.

Flex Fitness Winnipeg Blue.png
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