Parkinson's TKO Boxing Class

Parkinson's TKO Boxing Class

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Welcome to Winnipeg’s premier boxing class that will take Parkinson’s 12 rounds and knock it down several times in the process. Flex Fitness personal trainer Alistair Hopper is very excited to offer a boxing class focused on the individual needs of people living with Parkinson’s Disease (PD). We have structured the class in a way to maximize the focus on each clients individual needs. We will be able to spend ample enough time breaking down movements by keeping the class small (4-6 people at a time). Our class will aim to limit outside distractions and stimulations so that the client can increase their focus on one task at a time. For example, using your hands or feet to punch/kick targets labeled with numbers. Below is a list of questions that we ask each client to fill out in its entirety when submitting your request for the class sign-up.

$25 per class!

Pricing based on a 4 class minimum

Multi Class Packages:
Coming Soon!

Sign-up questionnaire:

  1. When were you first diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease(PD)?

  2. What symptoms do you typically experience?

  3. Please rate each of the following symptoms on a scale of 1-5 as indicated.

    Not at all a problem(1-2), Moderate Problem(3-4), Severe Problem(5)

    - Tremors

    What side tremors more? Right or Left

    When do you tremor? At rest, With movement OR Both


    How often?

    - Slowed movement

    - Muscle stiffness

    - Balance problems

  4. What activity would you like to do that you currently cannot perform due to your Parkinson’s?

  5. How frequently do you currently exercise?

  6. What type of physical activity do you participate in now?

  7. Has that changed since your diagnosis?

  8. Do you have any injuries past or present that bother you when exercising?

  9. On a scale of 1 to 10 where would you currently put your fitness level?


We need four people to start a new class. Sign up now to be contacted when for this classes next start date!