Flex Fitness Training Studio

Located centrally near Polo Park, the gym offers bright naturally illuminated workout space, with a wide variety of workout equipment. The gym provides a dynamic and energetic environment, complimented by Wi-Fi, satellite TV, free towel service, filtered water etc.

The trainers are all welcoming, motivated and supportive as you adapt to your individual program and fitness routines. Also for your convenience there is an on-premise saltwater swimming pool, Jacuzzi style hot tub, with private shower and change room area.

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The gym has a wide range of free weights whether its dumb bells, barbells, plates or simply exercise bands, bodyweight exercises; wobble boards, Bosu balls or a TRX Suspension trainer. In addition, there is a commercial Squat Rack, fully adjustable Bench Press, Preacher Bench and an incline/flat/decline bench.

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Cable and pulley operated weight resistance machines. These include a fully adjustable Cable Crossover, Seated Row and Lat. Pull down Cable Machine, Plate Loaded Leg Press, Universal Gym Pec Dec and Leg Extension machine.

Great trainer”, extremely knowledgeable, experienced, accredited and personable.
— Sherry P.
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We are happy to provide equipment for all your cardio needs including: Treadmills, a Stationary Bike,  an Elliptical, a Stepper (stair climber), skipping ropes and more.

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