Women in their 40's Stay Fit Working Out At Home

"3 things that I enjoy or benefit from the most by training at home:  

1.     First and foremost would be the convenience and flexibility that it provides me. Depending on my schedule I am able to work out morning, afternoon or evening. I am also able to set the duration and intensity of the work out based on my energy level.

2.     Secondly, is the amount of time I am saving. By working out at home I am basically adding an hour to my day (this is the amount of time that it generally takes for me to commute back and forth from the gym).

3.     Lastly, personal trainers motivate you to work towards your fitness goals. For me, having a scheduled appointment to work out guarantees that I will get that work out in.

A personal trainer is knowledgeable in demonstrating proper technique and form.

Personal trainers help you to focus in on your specific fitness goals and work towards achieving those goals. In my personal experience I always push myself harder in a workout with my trainer than I do when working out on my own.

I love Flex Fitness personal trainers. I have trained off and on with Flex Fitness  for over 12 years. During that time I have found them to be knowledgeable and supportive. Their trainers readily adapt their methods to my specific fitness goals. They help me feel comfortable regardless of your fitness level."

-- Sherry

Check out the benefits of having a Flex Fitness In-Home personal trainer working with you to ensure you reach your maximum potential. Let Flex Fitness In-Home personal training bring premier fitness training to you in the comfort of your home.

Alistair Hopper