Senior Exercise Programs

Senior exercise programs: As we age our bodies lose muscle, strength and the ability to increase muscle mass. This is known as Sarcopenia and starts as early as 30 years old and continues for the rest of your life. At the age of 50 we begin to experience significant effects from muscle and strength lose that a regular resistance training program can aide with. Our senior exercise programs will slow down this progressive reality and help you live the active life you have become accustomed to.

Age is just a number and at Flex Fitness we believe no matter how senior your age says you should be, exercise can make you feel young again. Regular activity that combines cardiovascular, resistance and stretching exercises on a consistent basis will help benefit you no matter what fitness level you are starting at. Personal training is a great way to keep you active by using proper technique that will help prevent injuries and keep you healthy for years to come. Contact me today to schedule a free fitness consultation and inquire about the 15% discount for seniors on Flex Fitness personal training services.


* 15% discount off senior exercise programs between 10am and 4pm (Monday to Friday) for ages 65+