MYTH: Women who weight train will look masculine

MYTH: Women who weight train will get big muscles and look like a man from just lifting a few weights.

  • Men and women share different physiology when it comes to building muscle mass.

  • Men have a greater amount of testosterone, helping to maintain and build mass more easily.

  • Men also tend to train differently then women.Their goals are usually very different, and they do heavy weights and low repetitions, where as women do the opposite.

FACT: There is great benefit for men and women to lift weights to burn calories.

  • One pound of subcutaneous body fat will burn approximately 2-3 calories per day just to sustain itself (ie. performing daily activities, work etc.).

  • One pound of lean muscle will burn 7-10 calories per day to sustain itself.

*As you can see it pays to build lean muscle to help you achieve the fit healthy body you have always wanted.

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