Flex Fitness Myth Busters: What is the Deal with Stretching?

In today's world we have so many options for information at our fingertips. It can be very overwhelming and confusing. Deciphering which information is correct proves to be the biggest challenge. Here are some facts about stretching that will keep you on the right track and give you the best results from your fitness and exercise routine:  

-       Stretching on a daily basis will yield the best results

-       Deciding how to warm up and cool down can significantly affect your results and increase chance of injuries

-       Not stretching on a regular basis can lead to postural issues later in life

-       As a rule of thumb, before a exercise you should do something dynamic to mimic some of the movements you will be performing during your sport or fitness training program.

-       If you feel you must stretch before hand, hold the stretch no longer then ten seconds, however after you are finished your fitness or exercise routine then holding a stretch for 30 or more seconds is best

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