Flex Fitness: The Five Worst Things About Exercise Videos

Over the years we have all seen or owned a fitness exercise video and may still have the VHS or DVD kicking around. Don’t feel bad because you aren’t alone, but these videos do pose several problems that could be hampering your in-home fitness success. Here are the top five Flex Fitness In-Home training tips for why these videos should be tossed away.  

  1. your body gets used to the same exercises when done over and over.

  2. the video doesn’t adapt the routine over time to continually challenge you as your fitness improves.

  3. the video doesn’t change an exercise if you have an injury and aren’t able to do the same movements required in the fitness routine.

  4. you can’t ask the video a question when you aren’t sure of an exercise in the fitness routine.

  5. the video can’t tell if you are working out hard enough or if you are just sitting there watching instead of doing the in-home fitness routine at the required tempo.

For all these reasons stated here, it is very beneficial to have a Flex Fitness In-Home personal trainer working with you to ensure you reach your maximum potential. Let Flex Fitness In-Home personal training bring fitness training to you in the comfort of your home.