20 minute workout #1 (chest/triceps/abs/cardio)

20 minute workout #1 (chest/ti/abs/cardio)

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Try this 20 minute workout that you can do at the gym or in your own living room.  These workouts are realistic and only require twenty minutes of your day.  Now you might say to yourself that twenty minutes isn't enough time but as you will see our 20 minute workout will challenge you and guarantee results.  To see even marginal benefits from exercising doing a 20 minute workout three times a week will make a difference.  In this day and age time has become increasingly more constrained.  Time is the number one reason why people don't exercise on a regular basis but with our 20 minute workouts you will be able to find time in your busy schedule to improve your health.  We will be posting 20 minute workout videos on a regular basis that will focus on different muscle groups to help keep your body guessing as well as keeping you interested and motivated in your workout program.  It is very important to have a balanced fitness program that works your cardiovascular system (lung and heart), resistance training and flexibility to see the best results.  By being consistent week in and week out then you will increase your chances or achieving and surpassing your health and fitness goals.