Sitting Is The New Smoking! So How Do You Fix It?


For a few years now you have probably heard the term”sitting is the new smoking” a few times. If you find that your day is spent sitting a lot then here are three tips from our world class personal trainers to help reduce that sitting and get you mobile.

1- Everyone has a smart phone now and that makes most jobs mobile. Get up from your desk several times during the day and do what you can while going for a 15 minute walk. Your body will thank you and we are sure your boss will see improved production.

2- Instead of sitting at your desk, stand up and type away. There are many options for ergonomic desks that get you on your feet. At the very least get an exercise ball to sit on so that your core is constantly having to engage in order to keep you balanced.

3- If you absolutely must be sitting for long periods of your day then make a point of taking short five minute restful mind breaks. Bring your headphones and find somewhere to lay down or go for a leisurely walk. This will allow your mind to rest and relieve some of the tension building up in your body.

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