Why Do The Elderly Need To Exercise?


Exercise is a great tool to help all age groups but it is even more important for the elderly to exercise on a regular basis. Listed below are the top three reasons why you should exercise once you are retired and beyond.

1- Increased bone density from the compressive forces that muscles and tendons put on your bones during exercise. This can be achieved through cardiovascular type exercises as well by doing any form of resistance training on a regular basis.

2- Lowered blood pressure and cholesterol levels by exercising consistently and eating a well balanced diet. This is a great alternative to taking prescription drugs that can be expensive and damaging to your body over a long period.

3- Raising levels of Dopamine in the brain that will improve your mood for the day. Exercise has also been proven to increase your cognitive and problem solving abilities. These are things that are affected as we age but can be slowed down significantly through exercise and dietary changes.

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