Why Should I Do Resistance Training?


For many years the majority of people have been intimidated by the section in the gym where all the big weights are and rarely ever venture into that area. Whether you do resistance training at the gym or in your own home, it is very important for woman and men to do a regular resistance training routine. Here are the top three reasons that our personal trainers recommend EVERYONE does some form of resistance training.

1- When you do resistance training you are building muscle fibres that will help you maintain proper form throughout your daily activities. This will help prevent injuries and improve your overall quality of life for many years to come.

2- When you lift weight you are burning not just fat but you are releasing stress and tension in your body, both physically and mentally. The natural endorphins that your body releases can be a huge factor to lowering stress levels and blood pressure over time.

3- We understand that the majority of people want to look good in the here and now but we like to think of the big picture. We want you to be doing the same things you are doing today, twenty year or more from now. Resistance training will give you the strength to ensure this is a possibility.

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