Parkinson's Of Canada Conference 2019


On April 13th, 2019 we attended the annual Parkinson’s Conference here in Winnipeg. The amount of support shown by everyone that attended was very inspiring and humbling at the same time. We came away with a new outlook on how others deal with daily struggles and still have the warmest of hearts. The majority of attendees had either their spouse, partner, brother, sister, grandchild or friend there to support them and collect as much information as possible. We personally talked with many woman and men living with this disease that were not giving up and full of life. There were speakers telling everyone about their personal experiences, professionals talking about their current treatments and research, as well as instructors leading everyone in warm-up and flexibility exercises. One of the things that became apparent to us during the event is that there is a great need for more resources to those living in rural communities in and around Manitoba. Several people we spoke with had driven in from several hours away and expressed a need for resources like the services Flex Fitness offers. In the near future we will be teaming up with local contacts in rural settings to start implementing programs that will support those needs, regardless of geographical location.

Thank-you for this amazing experience and great opportunity we found by attending the conference. For more information on these services and if you have questions at anytime, contact us today.