Summer Fat Burning Workout

Summer is in full swing and that means weekends at the lake and enjoying the outdoors. That doesn’t mean you stop exercising, it just means you have to get a bit more creative if you don’t have any equipment available to you. Here is a great workout video from Flex Fitness personal trainer Jessi Montgomery, while she is on vacation at the lake.

  • Runner’s Warm-up (5 minutes)

  • Hill Trail Run (25 minutes/4 to 5 kms)

  • Pull-ups (5)

  • Plyometric Lunges (20)

  • Push-up into downward facing dog (10)

  • Sumo and close stance jump squats (20)

  • Crab toe touches (30)

  • Alternating plank push-ups (20)

  • Burpee’s (10)

  • Prone hold (60 seconds)

    *Repeat 3 times

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