Healthy food options for your kids summer birthday party!


One of the most challenging things that parents experience throughout the week with their kids is what can I make to eat that is healthy and my kids will eat. During the summer months it gets even harder because of kids birthday parties and barbecues etc. Here is a great list from our amazing personal trainers of simple but tasty and healthy food choices for your kids birthday parties.

1- A mix of berries that your child can dip into a plain yogurt sweetened with natural honey. Berries are full of great flavours that children love but also antioxidants and are very low on the glycemic index. The honey is a great way to sweeten things with out using fake added sugars. Ensure your child is more than a year old if they are going to use the dip.

2- Guacamole dip made with tomatoes and onions added, as well as homemade low sodium tortilla chips for dipping. We also recommend using snap peas, carrots or cucumbers for dipping instead of tortilla chips. This is a great dish that contains healthy fats and many nutritious vitamins.

3- Making whole wheat wraps with a roasted chicken on the bbq. This is a great way to control sodium and high fat content that your typical burgers, hotdogs generally have in them.

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