Family Fun Fitness For The Summer!


Family commitments can take up all your spare time and prevent you from exercising regularly. By finding activities the whole family can do together is a great option that will improve overall physical health but also build stronger bonds within your family. Here are some great ideas that our amazing personal trainers suggest you can do with your family this summer.

1- Bike rides where you take turns leading and choosing the location. This helps make it fun and less predictable for all involved.

2- Going on hikes in your neighbourhood, whether it is in the local park or discovering a part of your city you don’t usually frequent.

3- Planning a picnic where you can go for a swim or a run. This will be fun to get out of the city and be active while having fun.

4- Grab a soccer ball, a frisbee and a kite. Head to your favourite park to play games that you can all enjoy and bring some healthy snacks to keep your energy going.

5- Play a game of hide and go seek or tag in your very own backyard or local park. Your kids will love it and trust us you will too.

Always remember that no matter what activity you choose to do, have fun and hydrate appropriately. Contact us today for more great ideas to get your family active.