Boxing Workout That Gets Results

Research has shown that exercise can delay, regress and improve symptoms associated with Parkinson’s Disease. Recent research has been showing that boxing will garner even better results then conventional exercise, for improving symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. The physiology of “why”, is not quite known as of yet but we do know that all the movements and brain functions that non-contact boxing requires are very similar to the motor functions Parkinson’s Disease progressively takes away. Boxing trains you for hand-eye coordination, speed, foot agility, breathing and strength. It is also a great way to get out any aggression or stress from your life in general, as well building social connections outside of your family network. Below is a great boxing workout with Flex Fitness personal trainer Alistair Hopper, for beginners to start trying out boxing on their own or with a partner.

1- Shadow Box (25/arm)

2- Overhead in/out drill (20)

3- Hand pads combo 1,2,3 punch (15 sets)

4- 1,2,3,4 shuffle drill (10 sets)

5- Plank alternating arm/leg (20/side)

6- Ducking drill side to side (20)

7- Crunch punch (15-20)

8- Wall slides (50)

*repeat 2-3 times

*2 minute rest between sets

*hydrate with water before, during and after the workout

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