How to start my exercise routine?


The idea of starting an exercise routine can be very intimidating and confusing, so much so that you may never get around to it because it is too much trouble. Flex Fitness personal trainer, Alistair Hopper, has chosen three of the most important tips to focus on when starting out. This list could be much longer but by keeping it to three tips, then you won’t be overwhelmed. Here are the top three tips you can start using today to be successful.

1- In order to give yourself a fighting chance the first thing you should do is change your mindset to putting “you” first. Once exercise is made a priority then your success will follow and allow you to be consistent. This is not being selfish at all, it is something that will make many aspects of your life better and rewarding.

2- Pick a time of day that will work for you on a consistent basis and put it in your schedule. Let your family and friends know that this time is for you, then they will respect it and encourage you. Time is the number one reason why people don’t exercise regularly. Even if it is only 15 minutes you have available somedays, that will build a healthy habit and help you achieve your goals.

3- Start by choosing small goals that will help you to eventually achieve your big goals. Make a list and put realistic time frames on each goal. The small goals can be very simple and try them out for a two week period before adding another one.

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