Top 5 Reasons For Woman And Men To Exercise As They Age


When you are starting a new exercise routine most people are doing it to lose weight so they can fit into clothes they haven’t worn in years. Although this is a very good reason to start an exercise routine, there are several more reasons that are just as important. Here are the Top 5 Reasons that our amazing personal trainers have put together for you to incorporate exercise into your routine over the long term.

1-  Weight loss helps to reduce your chance of developing life threatening illnesses such as Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease. Obesity is predicted to overtake tobacco as the number 1 cause of preventable Cancer in the near future.

2-  Increased energy from regular exercise will help you to be more productive throughout the day and allow you to achieve all your goals.

3-  When you exercise on a regular basis your body will be ready for sleep at the end of the day and this will help ensure a deeper sleep. You will wake in the morning feeling refreshed and well rested.

4-  Everyone has stress in their lives and one of the best ways to reduce it is through regular exercise. It is amazing how much your stress level will drop from the moment you start exercising compared to how you feel at the end of your workout.

5- When looking at improving health and wellness it is important to look at it in a long term focus. By doing consistent exercise you will increase your ability to balance, muscular strength, cardio vascular capacity and flexibility. These factors will help reduce your chance for injury and will positively affect your quality of life. The exercise you do now will help improve your mental, spiritual, emotional, social and physical well being for many years to come.

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