Jessi's Journey Blog #12

I love watching my body transform before my eyes, and knowing I have the power to look the way I want, be whoever I want to be
— Jessi Montgomery

Welcome to the twelfth blog entry for Jessi’s Journey towards her figure competition on May 25th, 2019.

Jessi is 8 days out from her competition date and will start her depletion workouts tomorrow. Here is how her depletion workouts will go:

  • Incline dumbbell press Super Set decline dumbbell flies 

  • Seated military press Super Set standing lateral raises 

  • Seated bent over dumbbell rows Super Set supinated lat pulldowns 

  • Hack squat/ front squat Super Set leg extension 

  • Leg curl Super Set stiff leg deadlift 

  • Barbell curl Super Set incline dB curls 

  • Barbell skull crushers Super Set bar press downs

  • Standing calf raises Super Set seated calf raises 

  • Sit ups Super Set hanging leg lifts 

    *Repeat circuit 4 times with light weight 25-30 reps or as many reps as possible until failure.

    *Super Set is doing an exercise of the same muscle group back to back without rest. 

Jessi will be starting Water Tight Diuretics tomorrow to help get rid of unwanted water. This will help her muscles show better on stage. The depletion workouts start tomorrow and go until Wednesday May 22nd, 2019. Her workouts are finished after that and therefore just leaves Thursday/Friday for tanning and nails.

Here is a full list of her daily supplementary needs, check out blog number two of Jessi’s Journey

Jessi’s diet has changed recently because she wasn’t seeing the results she wanted in regards to fat loss. She continues to do her carbohydrate cycling but has made some changes to that as well. Her fats and proteins remain the same but the changes to her carbohydrates are as follows.

  • Cutting carbs completely for 5 days and carbohydrate loading up on Friday and Saturday

  • 4 litres of water per day

If you haven’t found a posing coach by now or haven’t been practicing your poses daily then it is very important to get that started right away. Once Jessi enters the last few weeks of training, her memory will be less sharp. Therefore we want her poses to be practiced so much that it is in her muscle memory and has become second nature. How Jessi presents all her hard work is a huge component of this whole process.

Be sure to ask Jessi questions at any time during this journey. You can contact her through her profile or by calling Flex Fitness 24/7.

For more information to have Jessi design an online program for you or to book one-on-one personal training with Jessi, then click on the link. Also, checkout Jessi’s very inspiring trainer profile here and learn more about the motivation behind her goals.

Let’s get excited and cheer Jessi on to winning first place!

Watch Jessi’s video here and join her on this amazing transformational journey!!