Jessi's Journey Blog #5

I love watching my body transform before my eyes, and knowing I have the power to look the way I want, be whoever I want to be
— Jessi Montgomery

Welcome to the fifth blog entry for Jessi’s Journey towards her figure competition on May 25th, 2019. Her resistance training remains the same as she continues to focus on hypertrophy training and doing cardiovascular training twice a week. On top of the twice a week cardio sessions Jessi has added ten minutes at the end of each resistance training session. This is to burn a few more calories because of her increased diet.

The biggest changes at this stage of her program are her dietary adjustments. Jessi has started to carb cycle on a weekly basis. Here are the details of her carb cycling as well as her diet on non carb cycling days.

Carbohydrate cycling has started on February 2nd, 2019. Carbohydrate cycling will be 2 low carbohydrate days, 4 medium carbohydrate days and 1 high carbohydrate day (that is the refeed day)

Carbohydrate Cycling

- 245g carbs/170g protein/70g fat 4x/week on legs/back/chest/shoulder days 
- 220g carbs/170g protein/75g fat 2x/ week on rest or cardio days 
- On saturday’s eat as you normally would throughout the day. Follow the same breakfast/lunch/dinner but allow 3 hours MAX of as many calories as possible.

Daily Macros:
- 250g carbohydrates (previously 300g)/145g protein/80g fat

- 4 litres of water per day

1x /week refeed (Saturday’s) meal post-workout only :

- 400g+ carbohydrates/125g protein/60g fat

Macro nutrients Timing:

- 1hr Pre-workout:

1cup white rice, 3oz chicken breast, 1/2 avocado, Himalayan sea salt

- Immediately post workout:

1 scoop protein isolate

- 30 to 60mins post workout:
1 cup white rice, 4oz chicken breast, Himalayan sea salt

All other meals are filled in with remaining macro nutrients. The food isn't super specific right now other than around workout times. We're still 16 weeks away from the competition date, so there will be more dietary changes in the coming weeks and months.

As well, at this point in her program posing practice is very important. She will be practicing a minimum of twenty minutes after each workout so that when she is on stage the poses are exact and her muscles have memorized the optimal position etc. Be sure to find a posing coach and use the mirrors in your gym or house to get the best angles for your poses.

Be sure to ask Jessi questions at any time during this journey. You can contact her through her profile or by calling Flex Fitness 24/7.

For more information to have Jessi design an online program for you or to book one-on-one personal training with Jessi, then click on the link. Also, checkout Jessi’s very inspiring trainer profile here and learn more about the motivation behind her goals.

Let’s get excited and cheer Jessi on to winning first place!

Watch Jessi’s video here and join her on this amazing transformational journey!!