Jessi's Journey Blog #2

I love watching my body transform before my eyes, and knowing I have the power to look the way I want, be whoever I want to be
— Jessi Montgomery

Welcome to the second blog entry for Jessi’s Journey towards her figure competition on May 25th, 2019. Her program remains the same for the next two weeks as she continues to focus on hypertrophy training and following a high caloric diet. This will help promote and maximize muscle gains before she changes her diet towards leaning out, as her competition date gets closer. Here are the supplements that she is currently using during this phase. Be sure to check in for the upcoming blogs as her diet will start to change towards being more strict, with minor changes to supplements needed.


- 1 scoop of veggie greens 

Pre workout:

- 5g creatine monohydrate

- 1 scoop c4 ultimate

- 2 HMB + ashwaganda

- 2,000 mg vitamin c

During workout :

- 10g BCAA + 1g citrulline

- 2g taurine 

Post workout:

- 1 scoop isolate with 5 g creatine monohydrate

- 5 g glutamine

- 1 HMB + ashwaganda  post workout 

Daily :

- 1.5g EPA 
- 1g DHA (progressive fish oil capsules)
- Women's active multi (progressive) Vitamin D
- 150 billion probiotic digestive enzymes 

For more information to have Jessi design an online program for you or to book one-on-one personal training with Jessi, then click on the link. Also, checkout Jessi’s very inspiring trainer profile here and learn more about the motivation behind her goals.

Let’s get excited and cheer Jessi on to winning first place!

Watch Jessi’s video here and join her on this amazing transformational journey!!