3 Easy Tips To Get Started Exercising


The idea of starting a regular exercise routine can be intimidating and seem almost impossible. Most people go through the process of doubt, fear and procrastination during this contemplation phase before starting an exercise routine. You are not alone but Flex Fitness personal trainers are here to help guide you through this and ensure you achieve all your goals. Here are 3 easy tips you can do when starting an exercise routine.

1- Write out your goals with pen and paper so you can internally process what you are seeking to achieve. This will help keep you focused and not feel lost every time you go to exercise. Make sure your goals have a realistic time frame and have dates for completion attached to them. Contact us for the forms we use with new clients that help outline and focus on what your specific goals are.

2- Find a friend that you can exercise with regularly to help keep each other accountable. This is a very useful tool to ensure your consistency, especially during the first several months of starting an exercise routine.

3- Pick one dietary change every two weeks that is realistic to maintain. After several months you will have made enough small changes that will contribute on a bigger scale and will have become a new habit. Dietary changes take time to be consistent with but will make some of the more significant differences overall. You can’t outrun the fork unfortunately and working with a trained professional dietician will make all the difference.